* Due to the overwhelming number of requests, we must charge a non-refundable $29.95 service fee to our customers for us to identify your sample. We do not guarantee that we have the product(s) or the quantity(ies) you seek. The non-refundable $29.95 service fee will be deducted from orders totaling over $600.00
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Please, when sending your sample do not forget to include a copy of the paypal receipt. Once we receive your sample generally it takes us 7 to 18 days to identify it, not including the day the request is made,weekends or holidays.
Customers understand that IT is SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY AT OUR discretion/OUR option which one of the three following options (A, B, or C), employing no more than an hour, we choose to attempt to identify your tile.
By paying and proceeding you accept and agree to the foregoing and following:
A) An exact brand and/or color identification... OR
B) A like-color(ed)/similar colored identification of your tile (so that you will have a more current ,or perhaps more well -known color with which to reference your tile search)...OR
C) That we will spend NO MORE than 1 (one hour) combined between all personel attempting to identify your tile.
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